Your Options for Restoring a Chipped Tooth

A chip to one or more of your teeth can seriously compromised the function of your mouth and your ability to chew food. A chipped tooth is most commonly caused by accidental blows to the face. However, you are even more likely to suffer a fractured tooth if you grind your teeth at night, nibble… Read more »

A Lost Tooth Can Often Be Restored with a Bridge

Left unchecked, severe tooth decay on any one of your teeth can pose a serious threat to your oral health and the overall function of your mouth. Sometimes the decay can penetrate so deep into the tooth that it compromises the sensitive internal structures. In extreme cases, the root of the tooth can be so… Read more »

What to Avoid When Bleaching Your Teeth

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that what most people would like to improve about their smile is the shade of their teeth. Teeth whitening products include whitening toothpastes; over-the-counter gels, strips, and trays; and in-office whitening treatment. Dr. Gourley, Dr. Juson, and our team… Read more »

What is Laser Dentistry?

Have you heard about laser dentistry? Have you ever wondered why some dental offices rely on laser dentistry or what benefits you might enjoy if you choose to rely on laser dentistry? If you’re interested in learning more about this exciting new technology, please read on! As you can probably guess, laser dentistry relies on… Read more »

Nail Biting and Your Child’s Teeth

Does your child bite his or her nails? Nail biting is a common pastime for children as a means to reduce boredom or stress. Occasional nibbling is no cause for concern, but persistent biting, down to the nail bed, can cause significant dental damage. When your child’s adult teeth erupt, nail biting could increase the… Read more »

How to Solve the Problem of Canker Sores

Canker sores are painful and inconvenient, especially because they make it difficult to eat and talk throughout the day. These sores are ulcers that tend to grow inside your mouth, like on your tongue or on the insides of your cheeks or lips. You can prevent canker sores by avoiding foods that harm your mouth… Read more »

How to Comfort Your Teething Baby

Newborn babies do not usually have visible teeth. The baby teeth, or primary teeth, usually begin developing and growing in between three and seven months of age. Young children usually have all 20 primary teeth by age three. Your baby may be fussier than normal when he or she is teething. This is because your… Read more »

Will Your Teeth Weaken with Age?

You probably know that you should care for your smile to avoid problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and even bad breath, but did you know that caring for your smile now can ensure a better future? You’ve probably heard that teeth weaken as you age, but did you know they aren’t meant to? In… Read more »

Are Bridges Right for You?

What would you do if you or a loved one fell and lost a tooth? What would you do if you were missing several consecutive teeth? Naturally, most people would replace it—especially if it is near the front of their smile. However, have you considered your options? For instance, would you prefer a bridge or… Read more »

Make Sure to Include Your New Dental Implant as Part of Your Oral Hygiene Routine

A little over twenty years ago dental implants emerged onto the dental health care scene as an effective way to replace a single lost tooth. As implant technology and techniques have continued to advance they have come into play for a wide variety of other applications. They are now a very effective option for restoring… Read more »