The Crowning Glory of Your Smile

What is a dental crown? If one of your teeth is damaged or decayed, Drs. Gourley and Juson may recommend a dental crown in , . A dental crown, which is tooth shaped, is placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance. When cemented in place, the dental crown will cover… Read more »

Holiday Smile Care for Your Pearly Whites

Dr. and our team in , know that you work hard all year to achieve and maintain your confident smile. With the holidays in full swing, you don’t want to undo all your hard work while celebrating all the festivities. And you don’t have to! You can celebrate the season mindfully by implementing the following strategies: -Eating… Read more »

Never Give up on Your Smile

No matter how bad things may seem, never give up on your smile. The wonderful thing about teeth is that we have many of the tools necessary to turn even the worst of oral health care situations around. If you have lost any teeth, we can fix that too. The wonderful team of dentists at… Read more »

Even with Dentures, Your Oral Health is Paramount

If you have a full or partial set of dentures, you are probably aware that your oral health care doesn’t just stop because the teeth are artificial. If your denture care suffers, your oral health care will suffer too. It’s important to remember these seven basic steps to keeping a healthy set of dentures: –… Read more »

How Often Do You Think About Your Teeth?

Most people do not think amount their oral health care nearly as much as they should. Below is a list of questions to help you determine if you are taking steps needed for a better life via a well-groomed smile: – Do you avoid chewing tobacco and smoking? – Do you use an oral cleaning… Read more »

A Broken or Severely Damaged Tooth Often Needs to Be Replaced by a Dental Implant

Even though your teeth are tough, there are some extreme occasions when a hard blow to the face or other oral accident can hit with such force that it cracks, shatters or severely damages a tooth. If the damage is too extensive, your dentist’s only way to treat the pain and prevent further complications is… Read more »

Basic Care and Cleaning Tips to Help Maintain Your Temporary Crown

When one of ’s dentists secures a temporary crown it is only intended to protect the abutment within while the dental lab works on your new crown or bridge. It does not actually restore the tooth’s ability to bite off, chew or grind food. If it comes loose, falls off or is damaged in some… Read more »

The Severity of a Lip Injury Will Dictate the Level of Treatment Needed

If a hard fall or blow to the face has injured your lip, it will likely need quality first aid, if not professional treatment. The severity of the injury to your lip will dictate the level of treatment needed. If your injured lip is bleeding profusely, it likely requires professional treatment at the emergency room… Read more »

A Toothache Is Always a Symptom of a Serious Problem

Here at our team of dental professionals have seen a wide range of oral traumas, tooth decay and damage done to teeth. In our vast experience we have found that a toothache, is always a symptom of a more serious problem. Issues with tooth decay, tend to be the most common cause of a toothache…. Read more »

Remember to Pack These Dental Supplies on Your next Trip

At Apple Family Dental and Longview Family Dental, we know summer is traditionally a time when many of us travel. Whether to explore our state by motor vehicle or jumping on a plane to fly to new destinations or places we’ve loved before, preparation is key. To maximize your enjoyment, Dr. Julia Gourley and Dr…. Read more »